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Bend and Zen Hot Yoga


As Yogi’s, we have all had that experience…the one where you have had an amazing time on the yoga mat…not only was the physical workout great, but your mind feels nothing but serenity. It’s so lovely and you keep coming back to experience it again and again. Occasionally though, there are those other times when the experience could have been better. When you were left wanting more…

Bend and Zen was born out of the desire to have every experience on your mat leaving you wanting nothing more, where you leave totally satisfied on all fronts. After one particularly over-packed, hard to follow, even harder to hear yoga experience, a couple of friends sat outside after class dreaming about the perfect yoga studio, the perfect yoga class, the perfect yoga instructor.

What if we created the quintessential yoga experience we thought? What if we gave all the devoted yogis we love the opportunity to experience their best yoga every time? The conversation went from random ramblings after class to sketches on a paper napkin at lunch. It went from “wouldn’t it be nice to practice in a more elegant space” to “we’re going to create Your Best Yoga!”

Yoga will Free Your Body and Free Your Mind. Bend and Zen Hot Yoga is the brainchild of some yogi friends compelled to make the yoga experience better in every possible way. More personal space in the yoga studio…we’ve got that. Spa-like feel…we’ve really got that. Grace and elegance inside and out…from our physical space to our lovely staff and yoga instructors. You will feel the bliss from the moment you step into our mindfully-created space. From the lobby to the locker rooms and ultimately to our wonderful heated yoga studio…Bend and Zen Hot Yoga strives to be the yoga experience that you have been waiting for…Your Best Yoga!

Bend and Zen Hot Yoga is quite simply the manifestation of a couple of yogi’s looking to make the transforming experience of hot yoga even more fulfilling and peaceful. At Bend and Zen Hot Yoga, you will get a hot yoga experience like no other. We are grateful that you have crossed our path and we look forward to seeing you on the mat.


Bend and Zen

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