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BoomBozz Pizzeria and Taphouse


Our location in Westport Village is a Boombozz Taphouse restaurant. While Boombozz Pizza has been around since 1998, the Taphouse concept is relatively new. It was born out of a desire to marry the great taste of our famous pizza with a pub-type atmosphere where someone can sit and enjoy the taste of a great, cold, delicious beer. Great Italian food doesn’t need to be enjoyed with the typical bottle of Chianti, although you are certainly welcome to have Chianti if you want. It can be enjoyed in a relaxed, upbeat, classic atmosphere.

But why a “taphouse?” It’s simple. We love the great taste of beer and we know other Americans do too. We want our fans to be able to enjoy a wide range of beer tastes from a classic American brew, to local favorites, to something obscure and new. Our Boombozz Taphouse restaurants offer a large selection of beers, including seasonal brews. Even the most critical beer advocate is sure to find the perfect brew to enjoy while feasting on our pizza.  So come on in, relax, and have some great food and great brews.

Do you have a charity, sports team, school, or other worthy cause for which you’d like to raise money? Schedule a dinner at BoombBozz in Westport Village and 20% of all checks during your event will go to your cause. Call 502.394.0000 to schedule.

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